On 31.07.2020. Turbine works Ltd. has acquired main administrative and production building of company MUSTAD – ŽE-ČE in Karlovac.

The building was completed in 1920. by it’s owner, company MUSTAD from Norway.

At this location until 2005., the company has produced horseshoe nails for horses, donkeys and camels. The building represents one of great European industrial heritage structures from the beginning of 20th century.

TTK did not acquire the machines, tools and adjacent equipment, because they were removed from the building in 2005., with unknown destination.

Currently the building is in restoration according to it’s original form from 1920. The restoration is being made in cooperation with Croatian Ministry of culture, department in Karlovac. After restoration, the building will be used as a museum dedicated to ex Jugoturbina engineering, other industries, which were present in Karlovac, MUSTAD horseshoe manufacturing in Karlovac from 1924. to 2005., as well as close cousins of TTK owner:

– academy-trained painter Miroslav Šutej – author of Croatian national emblem, Croatian national flag, and all Croatian banknotes.
–  writer Irena Lukšić from Duga Resa.

It is estimated that the complete renovation project with museum will be finished at the end of 2022.

Remark: If you poses photos, documents, machines, tools, etc., which are in connection with Mustad-ŽEČE, we are accepting donations, and please feel free to contact us.

Contact information:
Turbine works Ltd.
Stanka Vraza 53
47 000 Karlovac

Telephone: +385-47-648-588
Mobile phone: +385-91-364-5020





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