Helium Detector – vacuum leak

Helium Detector is used throughout different industry to locate leaks in even more complex pressure, vacuum and hermetic systems enclosures.

Helium is media for leak detection.


What are reasons for Leak Detection:

  • Environmental protection and their constraints or legal standards
  • Optimization of the process
  • Industrial norms and partially detail specifications of the customers
  • Quality Management


Why Helium?

  • Low concentration in normal atmosphere (≈5ppm)
  • Easy to detect with standard mass spectrometer
  • Does not undergo chemical reactions, does not stick to surfaces
  • Not poisonous


Advantages of leak detection with helium:

  • Fast leak detection due to relatively short reaction times
  • Selective measurement – no malfunction signals due to other gases or water vapor
  • Easy localization of leaks thanks to high detection sensitivity
  • Reproducible – and documentable results


Application of the Helium detector:

  • In all industries as well as others business branches to locate leaks.

The most common uses of helium leak testing:

  1. Power plants – steam turbines, condensers
    – Quickly locate even the smallest vacuum leaks on the low pressure side of any steam turbines or condenses Helium leak testing is widely recognized as the superior alternative to the ultrasonic, smoke, and our favourite the shaving cream method… (vidi shemu elektrane)
  2. Chemical and Plastics Productions
    – Oxygen and other contaminants entering through leaks in flanges or broken welds can affect many manufacturing processes and result lower quality of product
    – Leak testing of floor vacuum distillation towers
  3. Pharmaceutical industry
    – Vacuum testing in the process reactors and associated pipelines
  4. Heat Exchangers
    – with the helium leak testing method thousands of tubes cam be scanned in a short period of time
  5. Underground Pipelines
    – with the helium leak testing we can locate leaks in underground pipes to within a few feet keeping excavation to a minimum

Our engineers and technicians are educated to work with Helium detector and they will quickly locate even the smallest condenser vacuum leaks around valve packing, steam seals, rupture disks, condensate pumps, vacuum pipelines in Pharmaceutical industry and processing industry as well as underground Pipelines.

Our helium leak defection services for steam turbine and condensers and all others facility save our customers time, money and headaches during start-up of new power plants or others facility.

Helium detector

Leak detector connected to the TG set vacuum system

Leak detection at TG set

Leak detection at the steam turbine condenser

Power plant with TG set and condenser scheme

  1. Boiler / Combustors chamber
  2. Combustion / burner
  3. Smoke – and off gas vent
  4. Feed water pump
  5. Feed water
  6. Superheated stem
  7. High–pressure turbine
  8. Low–pressure turbine
  9. Generator
  10. Exciter
  11. Condenser
  12. Cooling water pump
  13. Cooling water
  14. Pre-heater
  15. Line to power grid
  16. Mini test leak detector
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