Sanitary water treatment modules

Turbine Works manufactures specific modules for complete treatment of sanitary water according to customer’s unique project as one solution.

Modules usually comprise of following components:

  • Fresh water hydrophore
  • Water dechlorinator
  • Water mineralizing filter
  • Water heater (steam, electric, water heated or with combined heating!)
  • UV or Ag steriliser
  • Hydrophore pumps (working and standby)
  • Hot water circulating pumps (working and standby)

Sanitary Water Treatment with hydrophore, dechlorinator, UV steriliser, steam-electric heater

Module consisting of stainless steel hydrophore 250L, UV steriliser, 2x HPS 40-160 hydrophore pumps


Shipyards have recognised benefits of bundling all requirements into one module, thus saving money and time by having complete solution at one place.

It is our specialty to provide you with solution to best suit your needs, and deliver it with cetificates by any ship classification institutions (LR, BV, DNV, GL, ABS, RINA, CRS, etc.)


Heating module conisting
of two electric heaters,
two hot water circulating pumps

All modules are designed for fully automatic operation, and require minimum of maintenance. Although almost each module is custom designed, we provide customer with complete and detailed instruction manual with spare parts catalogue, which will provide easy use of our units.We install our HP marine pumps, which are designed for toughest marine environments providing longlivety and performance while being recognised by all classification institutions.Please do not hesitate in contacting us for healp even at early stages of ship project, since we can help you save money, time and valuable engineroom space with our solutions.

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