Circulating pump

Pumps of type HP are peripheral vortex pumps, designated for general pupose and constructed ac monoblock pumps. Capacity of HP pumps ranges between 5 to 180 L/min with delivery from 170 to 20 m. For marine applications these pumps can be supplied with 60 Hz motors thus operating at 1800 / 3600 RPM.

They are designed for delivery of fresh or sea-water on large boats, yachts, ships, in industry and for agricultural purposes. Specifically, they are used as hydrophore pumps on fresh or sea-water hydrophore plants, hot water circulating pumps, boiler feed pumps, pumps for raising of pressure, and for various other industrial purposes. Generally they can be used for various liquid mediums without mechanical impurities.

Selfpriming hydrophore
pump HPS 40-160

Due to its small weight and dimensions, they have proven to be especially good for small installation spaces, while its construction makes them economical and reliable. Sealing is done by standard types of mechanical seals.Material of casing can be either grey-cast or bronze, depending on working medium and conditions, while impeller is made out of bronze and shaft is always stainless steel.


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