Stanka Vraza 53, P.O.B. 168
47000 Karlovac

OIB: 32258484464

Stock capital 2.800.000,00 kn paid in full
Register court Karlovac MBS 020001509
Managing Director: Damir Schiller,


Transaction account:

1. Karlovačka banka d.d. – Karlovac – IBAN – HR6824000081190080387
2. Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d. – Rijeka – IBAN – HR6024020061100591406
3. Privredna banka d.d. – Zagreb – IBAN – HR7423400091100156795
4. Addiko Bank d.d. – Zagreb – IBAN – HR6225000091101399994


Telephone:+385 47 648 588
Fax:+385 47 648 571


Mon – Fri, 07:00 AM till 03:00 PM (GMT + 01:00)

Lunch break 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM(GMT + 01:00)


Damir Schiller, managing director

Member of management :

Ivica Miksic
100% founder

Davor Ris

Katarina Ris

Mrs. Katarina Ris, Senior project manager
Mrs. Branka Stepic-Zupancic, Senior project manager
Mr. Ivan Rendulic, Senior project manager
Mr. Darko Novosel, Senior project manager
Mr. Ivan Paulić, Project manager
Mr. Denis Benic, Project manager
Mrs. Andreja Horvat, Project manager
Mrs. Sanda Skrak, Project manager
Mr. Marko Bolfek, Project manager
Mr. Mihael Grdic, Project manager
Mr. Marko Belobaba, Project manager

Mr. Kristijan Spoljaric, Vibrodiagnostics engineer

Mr. Milorad Musulin, Chief designer
Mr. Denis Loncaric, Senior construction engineer
Mr. Vedran Polovic, Construction engineer
Mr. Drazen Furac, Construction engineer
Mr. Marin Pogacic, Construction engineer
Mr. Dino Vukovic, Construction engineer
Mr. Bojan Lackovic, Construction engineer
Mr. Damir Rogoz, Construction engineer
Mr. Marijan Biscan, Construction engineer
Mr. Nedjeljko Macesic, Construction engineer
Mr. Veljko Vranic, Construction engineer
Mr. Sasa Trbojevic, Construction engineer
Mr. Marijan Stulac, Specialist for steam turbines
Miss. Antonija Trgovcic, Technology engineer
Miss. Dijana Grdic, Technology engineer
Mr. Luka Pozega, Technology engineer
Mr. Zdravko Vojak, Technology engineer
Mr. Robert Lesic, NDT engineer
Mr. Miroslav Supica, Testing engineer
Mr. Josip Valentic, Testing engineer
Mr. Matija Britvec, Testing engineer
Mr. Danijel Cvitkovic, Testing engineer
Mr. Karlo Kapusovic, Testing engineer
Mr. Josip Bijelić, Testing engineer


Mr. Zeljko Gojak, Quality Assurance engineer

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