On 15th of May Turbine Works – TTK is celebrating 30th Anniversary!

The company was initialy founded as a daughter company of the metal concern Jugoturbina in Karlovac, founded in 1949.

TTK has achieved great success in the production of various marine equipment for ship’s engine rooms, such as all pumps, steam turbines, cargo and ballast pumps, seawater heaters, marine sewage water treatment plants, fire pumps, hydrophore units, atmospheric condensers, ejectors and vacuum condensers.

Subsequently, TTK developed and delivered several special steam turbines to biomass cogeneration power plants, together with associated equipment, such as vacuum condensers and vacuum units, feed pumps and condensate pumps.

Today TTK also performs very successfully the servicing of plant equipment in power and indutrial plants, as well as the revitalization and modernization of steam turbines with a capacity of up to 200 MW.






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