When sending enquery, please give us all available information (above parameters), in order for us to calculate and offer ejector according to your requirements!

Ejector defining parameters are given in table below and are shown on drawing of typical water ejector installation: 


Unit Name Note
Qs m3/h Suction capacity Capacity that ejector will draw.
Hs m Suction lift / head Total suction height from which ejector will draw, which includes geodetic height and head drop due to resistance in suction piepline. In ejector installation this value is usually negative (ejector must create vacuum to suck in medium).

Hs = Hs res + Hs geodetic

Note that Hs in theory cannot be more than -10 m (-8 m in reality).

Hd m Delivery head DDelivery head is head to which ejector will deliver, and it includes geodetic delivery height (measured from ejector discharge flange axis) and head due to resistance in delivery pipeline.

Hd = Hd res + Hd geodetic

Ht m Total head

Total head or total differential head is combined diference between suction and delivery head

Ht = Hd + Hs

Qd m3/h Driving medium consumption This is capacity of driving medium (usually water) required to create necessary suction capacity Qs and head Hs, as defined above.
Pd bar Avialabe pressure of driving medium This is pressure of driving medium (usually water) at ejector inlet, required to create necessary suction capacity Qs and head Ht, as defined above.

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